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Unlock the Perfect Home with Bailey Bjugan. From the vibrant St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay neighborhoods to the finest condos in Downtown, Bailey's expertise secures your dream property. Discover excellence in real estate today.

Mastering Multi-Family Real Estate Investments

Bailey Bjugan specializes in facilitating the purchase and sale of multi-family apartment buildings. His upbringing was immersed in the world of real estate, being raised by a nationally renowned land developer experienced in both single-family and commercial properties. Bailey honed his skills at NAI Capital in Los Angeles, where he apprenticed under the guidance of the Multi-Family Building Director, gaining comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of apartment transactions. Today, Bailey is the proud founder and owner of Bjugan Real Estate, a brokerage firm based in St. Pete - Tampa, where he assists clients in making strategic real estate investments and executing successful sales transactions.

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Bailey’s primary focus is helping clients buy and sell single-family residences, and multi-family apartment buildings. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, an investor seeking cash flow opportunities, or someone looking to sell a property, Bailey Bjugan is the partner you can trust.

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